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JDS Properties St. Louis is owned and operated by John Skaggs, a St. Louis native who graduated from Lindbergh High School in 1993.

JDS properties was formed in October of 2003 and since then we have rehabbed and or sold over 300 real estate investment properties.

We are a full service real estate investment company; offering "the best ever wholesale deals," rehab partnership opportunities, multifamily investments, and hard money lending opportunities.

JDS Properties is the leader in quality low cost real estate investing in St. Louis.  If you are saving for retirement, looking for positive passive income from rental property, or maybe seeking a large lump sum return from a retail flip, then you want to get started real estate investing with JDS Properties.  

We have sold hundreds of turnkey single family and multifamily rental properties to satisfied clients across the globe.  We have partnered with dozens of people who want to use (and are still using) our services to do a retail flip for a large return on investment after the sale.  

We usually work with out of town investors.  We can find the properties for you.  We can rehab them for you, if they need it.  We can help with the property management.  We can help with listing the property when the rehab is complete.  We can help with insurance and any closing needs.  We can help with financing, even hard money.  We can even help if you want to be a hard money lender.  

Simply put, anything real estate investing related, we can handle it.  

We've been doing this a long time and we are very good at what we do.  If you are looking to get started in real estate investing then contact us, even if you only want to ask us a basic question.

We can help.  Call, sign up, or email us today to get started realizing your dreams.  

John D. Skaggs, President of JDS Properties St. Louis.  

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