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St. Louis real estate investing retail flip partnerships.

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We love to do retail flips at JDS Properties and we want to partner with you on the next one.  

For a reasonable flat fee, that is paid in installments during the project, we will find the property for you, rehab it all the way, complete all inspections, get it ready to sell, and list it with one of our affiliated agents so you can sell it quick and keep all the back end profit.  

The typical all in investment for a single family home is around $120,000.  That includes purchase price of around $30,000 and rehab of around $90,000.  

We usually sell the property in the first month for around $200,000 and you get to keep all the profit.  

Here are some examples of recent sales we've had.  


2223 10TH ST 63104 (SOULARD)
$380 ARV, $160k purchase, around $100k rehab.  

2661 Nebraska. 

$182,000   Sales price (SOLD IN 4 DAYS!!!)
-$40,000    Purchase price
-$79,000    Rehab cost
-$22,000    Other cost
-$7,000      JDSP Fee
= $34,000 profit for you.  


5973 Columbia 
$155,000     Sales price (SOLD IN 1st month)
- $50,000     Purchase price
- $52,000     Rehab
- $18,000     Other cost
- $7,000       JDSP Fee
= $28,000 profit for you

3812 Blaine
$155,000     Sales price (Sold in 1st month)
- $46,000     Purchase price
- $53,000     Rehab
- $17,000     Other
- $6,000      JDSP Fee 
= $33,000 profit for you.  

We have rehabbed and sold over 300 houses since 2003 so we know how to rehab to retail flip to make you money.  

Contact us today and ask us about our flat fee partnerships.  


Here is a video from 2013 explaining how the flat fee partnership works.  

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