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JDS Properties St. Louis

At JDS Properties St. Louis we take pride in providing real estate investors with the best wholesale deals on the market.  We only offer about 20 or so St. Louis wholesale deals each year which means that we take the time to find the very best deals for you.  

What makes our wholesale deals better than everyone else?

First, our investment property prices are usually much lower than what you might be used to.   We do not add a huge fee into our St. Louis wholesale deals.  We believe in leaving most of the money on the table for you, the real estate investor, so that you will come back and buy from us again.  Our average wholesale fee is usually around $3,000 compared to $10,000+ that most other wholesalers charge.  

Second, our comps and rehab estimates are more accurate.  90% of other wholesalers are wrong about their comps and rehab estimates and this gives the other quality wholesalers a bad name.  Most wholesalers will tell you the ARV is $200k and the rehab is only $50k, then you go look at it and you discover that the ARV is closer to $150k and the rehab is $100k.  Our numbers should be real close to yours because we have bought, rehabbed , and sold over 300 properties since we opened in 2003.  

Third, we work with you for life.  Once you get the property under contract with us we will serve you and your real estate needs for life.  This is especially helpful for our out of state investors.  Do you need someone to cut the grass?  Need a plumbing leak fixed?  Have some kind of emergency with the property?  We will help with any situation you might find yourself in.  

BTW our deals are so good we usually don't have time to put them on the website so, 

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