We buy houses in St. Louis MO.

We can pay cash and close quickly.  We can also negotiate with your bank if needed.  

We buy houses in any condition and in most areas of St. Louis.  

If you owe too much on your home, we can take over payments too.  

Avoid foreclosure and call us today at 314-643-8811 to sell your house in St. Louis MO.

We have been buying property since 2003 and we understand your needs for a quick and easy transaction.  

We understand you you have a property that you just don't                                                    

want anymore or maybe you are on the verge of losing it.  If                                                  

you want to sell your house fast, for a fair price so you can                                                    

move on with your life then call JDS Properties today                                                            

because we buy houses in St. Louis.  

At JDS Properties, we are looking to purchase 2-3 houses each month.  We are the end buyer and if for some reason we can not purchase your house we have a very extensive network of other investor/partners we work with who will buy your house.  In other words, we want to buy your house and probably will, but if we can't then we know someone else who can.  The most important thing is for you to get out from under your house.  

When you sell your house to JDS Properties or one of our partners you will not have to worry about doing any kind of repairs because we buy houses in as in condition.  Most of the houses we buy need quite a bit of work and we are not scared of any rehab that needs to be done.  

We are also buying houses that have tenants currently living in them as JDS Properties and our clients are always looking for rentals, even if they need work.  

​Get Cash for your home quickly.  Or if you owe too much on your home we can even take over payments or negotiate a new lower price with your bank.  

 Call JDS Properties to sell your house today in St. Louis at 314-643-8811 and receive an offer within 24 hours.  






Message us below to get an all CASH offer on your property today.  

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